Boundary Integral and Singularity Methods for Linearized Viscous Flow

The aim of this book is to bring together classical and recent developments in the particular field of Newtonian flow at low Reynolds numbers. The methods are developed from first principles, alternative formulations are compared, a variety of configurations are addressed, the proper mathematical framework is discussed in the context of functional analysis and integral-equation-theory, and procedures of numerical solution in the context of the boundary element method are introduced. The text contains a fair amount of original material pertaining, in particular, to the properties and explicit form of the Green's functions, and the theory of the integral equations that arise from boundary integral representations.


"...well written. The author is to be congratulated for the excellent presentation of rather difficult and involved methodologies." S. Bhaduri, Applied Mechanics Reviews

"...a very readable and attractive book, packed with basic information and with a modern outlook on linear viscous fluid flow and it is written with authority." Frank Rizzo, SIAM Review