Permutation Groups

Permutation Groups

Permutation groups are one of the oldest topics in algebra. Their study has recently been revolutionized by new developments, particularly the Classification of Finite Simple Groups, but also relations with logic and combinatorics, and importantly, computer algebra systems have been introduced that can deal with large permutation groups. This text summarizes these developments, including an introduction to relevant computer algebra systems, sketch proofs of major theorems, and many examples of applying the Classification of Finite Simple Groups. It is aimed at beginning graduate students and experts in other areas, and grew from a short course at the EIDMA institute in Eindhoven.


" up-to-date study about this subject that is mainly aimed at beginning graduate students. Its style is compact, and it is comprehensive, easy to read and capable of motivating its readers." Mathematical Reviews

' … an excellent concise account of the modern theory of permutation groups …' W. Knapp, Zentralblatt MATH