Fire and Vegetation Dynamics

Studies from the North American Boreal Forest

Fire and Vegetation Dynamics

This book assembles the relevant studies of fire intensity, rate of spread, fuel consumption, fire frequency, and fire weather in the North American boreal forest. The central thesis is that the North American boreal forest has at least four wildfire characteristics that are important in understanding the dynamics of its plant populations: the large size of the burns with respect to dispersal distances; the short recurrence time of fire with respect to tree lifespans; the high mortality of plants due to the predominance of crown fires; and a good germination surface due to the large area of the forest floor that is covered by ash.


"Recommended for advanced undergraduates, graduates, and faculty/researchers with a basic background in population and community ecology." M.G. Messina, Choice

....very well written....This short work should facilitate communication between fire managers and fire ecologists, and would be useful as a text for a seminar in fire ecology, as the bibliography is extensive and appropriate. I recommend this book to all serious students of fire, whether or not they work in the boreal forest." Jane H. Bock, Plant Science Bulletin