Principles of Japanese Discourse

A Handbook

Principles of Japanese Discourse

This is the first book on Japanese rhetorical style and strategy ever made available for English readers. Professor Maynard presents, in thirty entries, clear explication of Japanese discourse organization and detailed analysis of the rhetorical strategies used. Also included are practice readings selected from contemporary Japanese discourse, including essays, newspaper columns, a short story, a comic and an advertisement, with translations and wordlists. A helpful self-study guide, it is also an excellent reference source for students and instructors of Japanese.


"There is little doubt that, as a textbook, this volume not only admirably helps fill some pedagogical gaps, but also makes an interesting reader. However, this significant book is actually much more than a mere language text; it is also of great value for anthropological linguistics or sociolinguistics. The book is well written and its organization is generally straightforward and logical (in the sense of English). It is easily accessible for linguists and anthropologists, even those who are not especially familiar with Japanese...this book on Japanese discourse analysis is of great value... Those in the fields of discourse analysis, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, and communications studies will also find much of interest in this important book, regardless of their theoretical orientation or geographical specialization." Anthropological Linguisitics

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