The Price of Peace

Just War in the Twenty-First Century

The Price of Peace

Lively political and public debates on war and morality have been a feature of the post-Cold War world. The Price of Peace argues that a re-examination of the just war tradition is therefore required. The authors suggest that despite fluctuations and transformations in international politics, the just war tradition continues to be relevant. However they argue that it needs to be reworked to respond to the new challenges to international security represented by the end of the Cold War and the impact of terrorism. With an interdisciplinary and transatlantic approach, this volume provides a dialogue between theological, political, military and public actors. By articulating what a reconstituted just war tradition might mean in practice, it also aims to assist policy-makers and citizens in dealing with the ethical dilemmas of war.


"In sum, this is a landmark book on the just war tradition in the new century."
International Affairs

"Between moral certainty and ruthless cynicism lies the practical wisdom of the just war tradition. In the hands of its wise editors and expert contributors, this volume gives access to the full range of the tradition's discipline. It is essential reading for anyone who seeks to understand the duties and restraints that separate the humane from the barbarous - particularly in the extreme aspect of the human condition we are now experiencing as war in the 21st century."
Joel H. Rosenthal, President, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

"This excellent book should be read by the many who comment on the rights and wrongs of today's numerous conflicts. In particular it should be read by all involved with initiating or directing military operations and by those commanding forces engaged on operations. Drawing on the thoughts of theologians, academics and practitioners, its chapters clearly and logically provide the background of reason and morality necessary to guide decision within a sound ethical compass. With the change in the nature of conflict the need for this understanding is most important, since with change comes the need to apply the enduring principles in new circumstances. Principles that if applied serve to restrain the tendency for the awfulness of war to expose the beast in man."
General Sir Rupert Smith KCB DSO OBE QGM, Former Deputy Supreme Commander, Allied Powers Europe

"This book is an intellectual pleasure to read."
David Goodall, Tablet

"It is difficult to imagine a more impressive analysis of the just-war tradition today than this brilliantly edited and introduced collection of essays under a joint Anglican-Roman Catholic aegis."
Times Literary Supplement

"....this volume does a valuable service in contemporary confusion concerning religious validation of war. Bringing to the fore a variety of aspects of just war theory, the volume exposes the reader to the various facets of the debate, advocating for the continuation of the just war tradition, albeit with modifications. The book is well suited to be a supplemental text to courses on war and peace for courses in both religious studies and political theory." --Religious Studies Review