Fundamentals of Carrier Transport

Fundamentals of Carrier Transport

Fundamentals of Carrier Transport explores the behavior of charged carriers in semiconductors and semiconductor devices for readers without an extensive background in quantum mechanics and solid-state physics. This second edition contains many new and updated sections, including a completely new chapter on transport in ultrasmall devices and coverage of "full band" transport. Lundstrom also covers both low- and high-field transport, scattering, transport in devices, and transport in mesoscopic systems. He explains in detail the use of Monte Carlo simulation methods and provides many homework exercises along with a variety of worked examples. What makes this book unique is its broad theoretical treatment of transport for advanced students and researchers engaged in experimental semiconductor device research and development.


"The book is beautifully produced, the author's style is lucid and easy to read and the arguments and physical insights as clear and helpful as one could wish." Contemporary Physics

"An extensive treatment of semiconductor transport." Professor J.D. Bird, Arizona State University

' … not only fascinating but … endlessly readable … will stand for a long while as an accessible introduction.' Current Engineering Practice