Implicit Large Eddy Simulation

Computing Turbulent Fluid Dynamics

Implicit Large Eddy Simulation

The numerical simulation of turbulent flows is a subject of great practical importance to scientists and engineers. The difficulty in achieving predictive simulations is perhaps best illustrated by the wide range of approaches that have been developed and are still being used by the turbulence modeling community. In this book the authors describe one of these approaches, Implicit Large Eddy Simulation (ILES). ILES is a relatively new approach that combines generality and computational efficiency with documented success in many areas of complex fluid flow. This book synthesizes the theoretical basis of the ILES methodology and reviews its accomplishments. ILES pioneers and lead researchers combine here their experience to present a comprehensive description of the methodology. This book should be of fundamental interest to graduate students, basic research scientists, as well as professionals involved in the design and analysis of complex turbulent flows.


"... a well-coordinated text presenting a coherent view of this promising tool...a timely addition to the reference on turbulence simulation and modeling. It provides a significant step forward within the large eddy simulation community in the discussion of ILES. I recommend the book highly to researchers in the field..."
Gregory A. Blaisdell, Purdue University for AIAA Journal

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