Supersymmetry and String Theory

Beyond the Standard Model

Supersymmetry and String Theory

The past decade has witnessed dramatic developments in the field of theoretical physics. This book is a comprehensive introduction to these recent developments. It contains a review of the Standard Model, covering non-perturbative topics, and a discussion of grand unified theories and magnetic monopoles. It introduces the basics of supersymmetry and its phenomenology, and includes dynamics, dynamical supersymmetry breaking, and electric-magnetic duality. The book then covers general relativity and the big bang theory, and the basic issues in inflationary cosmologies before discussing the spectra of known string theories and the features of their interactions. The book also includes brief introductions to technicolor, large extra dimensions, and the Randall-Sundrum theory of warped spaces. This will be of great interest to graduates and researchers in the fields of particle theory, string theory, astrophysics and cosmology. The book contains several problems, and password protected solutions will be available to lecturers at


"An excellent survey and timely introduction to a wide range of topics concerning physics beyond the standard model, by one of the most dynamic researchers in the field. Dine has a gift for explaining difficult concepts in a transparent way. The book has wonderful insights to offer beginning graduate students and experienced researchers alike."
Nima Arkani-Hamed, Institute for Advanced Study

"How many times did you need to find the answer to a basic question about the formalism and especially the phenomenology of general relativity, the Standard Model, its supersymmetric and grand unified extensions, and other serious models of new physics, as well as the most important experimental constraints and the realization of the key models within string theory? Dine's book will solve most of these problems for you and give you much more, namely the state-of-the-art picture of reality as seen by a leading superstring phenomenologist."
Lubos Motl, Harvard University

"This book gives a broad overview of most of the current issues in theoretical high energy physics. It introduces and discusses a wide range of topics from a pragmatic point of view. Although some of these topics are addressed in other books, this one gives a uniform and self-contained exposition of all of them. The book can be used as an excellent text in various advanced graduate courses. It is also an extremely useful reference book for researchers in the field, both for graduate students and established senior faculty. Dine's deep insights and broad perspective make this book an essential text. I am sure it will become a classic. Many physicists expect that with the advent of the LHC a revival of model building will take place. This book is the best tool kit a modern model builder will need."
Nathan Seiberg, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

"Dine's 170-page introduction to string theory covers a broad range of topics... and indeed describe the state of the art and science today."
Gordan Kane, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor for Physics Today

"An excellent book and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in understanding the possible role of string theory and low-energy supersymmetry in carrying physics beyond the Standard Model."
Douglas J. Smith, Mathematical Reviews