Perspectives on Labour Law

Perspectives on Labour Law

This is an accessible but thought-provoking introduction to labour law. It is suitable for those coming to the subject for the first time, and it will also be of interest to more advanced students, including postgraduates, who need to think about the subject's broader themes. The academic literature on labour law makes considerable use of human rights arguments and of economic analysis. Both of these approaches provide valuable insights into the underlying policy of the law but they can be rather off-putting for students who do not know the international human rights instruments, or who have no background in economics. This book introduces these wider perspectives on labour law and then applies them to a selection of topics, including anti-discrimination law, dismissal, working time, pay, consultation and collective bargaining, trade union membership and industrial action.


'Perspectives on Labour Law has hit the nail on the head as an introduction to the subject.' Professor Paul Davies, London School of Economics

'Davies seeks to make her readers see the relevance and importance of legal norms in the sphere of industrial relations. In my view, this is an enterprise in which she is successful … What Davies has done, in a remarkably clear-sighted fashion, is to identify where most debate over the form and content of labour law is now focussed. If I were an undergraduate now, studying labour law for the first time, I would want the guidance that this text-book can provide. Indeed, the conceptual clarity which it offers is useful for teachers and practitioners of labour law too.' Tonia Novitz, Industrial Law Journal