Topological Solitons

Topological Solitons

This book introduces the main examples of topological solitons in classical field theories, discusses the forces between solitons, and surveys in detail both static and dynamic multi-soliton solutions. Kinks in one dimension, lumps and vortices in two dimensions, monopoles and Skyrmions in three dimensions, and instantons in four dimensions are all discussed.


'The authors are two of the most prominent in the field and have made many seminal contributions to it.' Contemporary Physics

'The book is self-contained and beautifully written. It should remain for a long period of time as a standard reference for anyone interested in solition theory and its application in physics.' Zentralblatt MATH

'… a unique, up-to-date and authoritative resource for anyone who wants to learn about the latest developments in the field of topological solitons. Moreover, by clearly exhibiting the essential idea of any topic they discuss, the authors have succeeded in writing a book which should teach mathematicians much about physics and physicists much about mathematics. The book is accessible to graduate students in theoretical physics and mathematics and despite the absence of exercises, could be used a s a textbook for an advanced lecture course.' Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde