History and Memory in the Carolingian World

History and Memory in the Carolingian World

This study reveals the remarkable quantity of varied forms and new types of history written in the Frankish realms of Western Europe during the eighth and ninth centuries. The Franks also preserved the classical and Judaeo-Christian histories from earlier centuries. Their books reflect a highly sophisticated and many-layered understanding of the past as well as a very creative use of history. Rosamond McKitterick illuminates the extraordinarily influential role of these history texts in the formation of political ideologies and senses of identity within Europe.


"This is a remarkable book that makes the arcana of medievalistsa evaluation of manuscripts intelligible and inspiring, even for nonspecialists. Highly recommended." CHOICE May 2005

"This book will surely appeal to her [McKitterick's] fellow medievalists, as well as to graduate students, and shake up the field. It's thorough and provocative look at cherished conventional wisdoms will force students of the period to place the context, construction, and manuscript traditions of their sources at the forefront of any effort to understand them." Warren Brown- California Institute of Technology

"This book moves the discussion of history writing and reading in the Carolingian age to a new level. It restores agency to Carolingian writers, outlines many of the important issues that animated reflection on the past and provokes us on almost every page to re-examine our understanding of Carolingian texts and contexts. In the end, McKitterick reminds us, it is a people's sense of the past that matters more than the past itself." - John J. Contreni, Purdue University

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