Science from Fisher Information

A Unification

Science from Fisher Information

This work shows that information is at the root of all fields of science. These fields may be generated by use of the concept of "extreme physical information" or EPI. The book greatly expands the material in Physics from Fisher Information to include many other areas in science.


'… a stunningly clear interpretation of the laws of physics … Unlocking the fundamental laws is impressive enough, but if this one principle really is the key to all physics, it should do more than reproduce what physicists already know. It should also reveal the secrets of unsolved mysteries.' Robert Matthews, New Scientist

'The book has two attractive features: the frequent discussions in basic physical terms, and the candid way in which the author describes how he has developed his thoughts … I urge the readers of this review to take a good look at the book, which is well-written and certainly thought-provoking.' American Journal of Physics

'This is a delightful and very well written postgraduate level text, which should be of interest to a wide audience including physicists and philosophers. It is a landmark book whose ideas will be discussed and hopefully will be further developed in the future, as it provides a brand new framework to interpret the laws of nature.' Contemporary Physics