An Introduction to Special and General Relativity


Thoroughly revised and updated, this self-contained textbook provides a pedagogical introduction to relativity. It covers the most important features of special as well as general relativity, and considers more difficult topics, such as charged pole-dipole particles, Petrov classification, groups of motions, gravitational lenses, exact solutions and the structure of infinity. The necessary mathematical tools are provided, most derivations are complete, and exercises are included where appropriate. The bibliography lists the original papers and also directs the reader to useful monographs and review papers. Previous Edition Hb(1990): 0-521-37066-3 Previous Edition Pb(1990): 0-521-37941-5


"...not only an excellent textbook for an introductory course in relativity, but [it] is also a quite good standard reference book for researchers in the field. Overall I would rate it among the top introductory books to the General Theory of Relativity." SIAM Review

'… the book is well written and contains a fair selection of topics for a beginning student of general relativity … Besides being a textbook, because of its standard notation and clear style it can also be used as a reference … Hans Stephani has produced a fine textbook of general relativity in the classical tradition.' General Relativity and Gravitation