Resilience and Vulnerability

Adaptation in the Context of Childhood Adversities

Resilience and Vulnerability

Childhood resilience is the phenomenon of positive adaptation despite significant life adversities. While interest in resilience has burgeoned in recent years, considerable uncertainty remains regarding what research has revealed about this phenomenon. Integrated in this book are contributions from leading scientists who have studied children's adjustment across risks common in contemporary society. Chapters in the first half of the book focus on risks emanating from the family, and in the second half, on risks stemming from the wider community. The concluding chapter integrates the evidence presented to determine considerations for future research, and directions for interventions and social policies.


"Provides a comprehensive overview...the authors are stars in the risk/resilience field...a necessary read for researchers, students, and practitioners." Psychological Medicine

"This is a remarkable book. The editor, Suniya Luthar, deserves high praise for the monumental task she has accomplished in providing a balance between essays that deal with conceptual and methodological issues, reviews of empircal work, and intervention programs designed to promote resilience. The excellent commentaries on biologic and genetic influences, and the guidelines for future research, policy and practice are bound to inspire both graduate students and 'seasoned' professionals in child development, developmental psychology, child psychology, and social work." Emmy E. Werner, senior author of "Overcoming the Odds and Journeys from Childhood to Midlife: Risk, Resilience and Recovery"

"Superbly edited by Suniya Luthar...resilience has reached a new level of clarity and sophistication...each empirical finding supports a larger concept, and no concept -- no matter how small -- is made in the absence of solid research backing." American Journal of Psychiatry