Van der Waals Forces

A Handbook for Biologists, Chemists, Engineers, and Physicists

Van der Waals Forces

This should prove to be the definitive work explaining van der Waals forces, how to calculate them and take account of their impact under any circumstances and conditions. These weak intermolecular forces are of truly pervasive impact, and biologists, chemists, physicists, and engineers will profit greatly from the thorough grounding in these fundamental forces. Parsegian has organized his book at three successive levels of mathematical sophistication, to satisfy the needs and interests of readers at all levels of preparation. The Prelude and Level 1 are intended to give everyone an overview in words and pictures of the modern theory of van der Waals forces. Level 2 gives the formulae and a wide range of algorithms to let readers compute the van der Waals forces under virtually any physical or physiological conditions. Level 3 offers a rigorous basic formulation of the theory.


"...a highly original work that offers a welcome, stimulating, and useful addition to the literature...I can easily imagine Van der Waals Forces becoming an integral part of the personal libraries of the many types of scientists for whom it was written."
Physics Today, William M. Gelbart, UCLA

"Writing from decades of experience, Parsegian ... has succeeded in putting together a thoroughly informative, useful, delightful handbook that is rapidly gaining recognition as the ultimate guide and reference text in the field."
Daniel ben-Avraham, Journal of Statistical Physics

"It what will be for a long time the definitive work on van der Waals forces, Parsegian has written a book that should give pause to those who would have scientific writing be as dry -- and boring -- as dust."
Physics in Canada

"An excellent handbook for anyone who needs to calculate van der Waals interactions...Van der Waals Forces is an outstanding volume and the authoritative work on the topic. May the (van der Waals) Force be with you - or at least on your book shelf."
Keller Autumn, The Quarterly Review of Biology

"In this book, one finds all needed information when the attractive interaction becomes the core question in an experiment involving colloids, including those attracting interest for biophysicists such as bilayers, vesicles, etc. This book—unique in this domain—regroups information very dispersed in primary literature."
Th. Zemb, Institut de Chimie Séparative de Marcoule

"The author of this is to be applauded for making the mathematics of this topic clear and as straightforward as possible while making it clear that the mathematics is essential to understanding it. It is clear from the care that has gone into developing the treatment of the mathematics that is presented that the author enjoys this topic and wants others to enjoy it too. I think that he succeeds in this aim. This book will be a useful introduction the field of van der Waals forces for both theory and experimental graduate students. It will also prove to be a useful reference book for looking up formula an will be kept in easy reach of this reviewers desk."
Contemporary Physics