Valency and Bonding

A Natural Bond Orbital Donor-Acceptor Perspective

Valency and Bonding

This textbook develops the foundations of Lewis- and Pauling-like localized structural and hybridization concepts to present the first modernized overview of chemical valency and bonding theory. Directly based on current computational technology, it serves as both a general textbook exposition of modern Lewis, hybridization, and resonance concepts and a comprehensive compilation of NBO-based bonding descriptors--for prototype molecular and supramolecular organic and inorganic species.


"the book is well written with vast numbers of illustrations as well as very useful worked examples." - Chemistry World

'… the authors present some of the most intuitive classical concepts of quantum chemistry in an updated and transparent fashion … The book also contains an interesting discussion of hydrogen-bonding, which may in particular be recommended to biochemists. … definitely requires a careful study … chapter after chapter. The reward will be a deep immersion into the world of modern chemical bonding theory, illustrated for a large number of model systems, and supplemented by carefully worked out examples. … recommended for students and researchers in solid-state physics and materials science.' ChemPhysChem