Photonic Devices

Photonic Devices

Covering every major photonic device, this textbook strikes a careful balance between theoretical and practical concepts. The devices it covers include optical fibers, couplers, electro-optic devices, magneto-optic devices, lasers, and photodetectors. The book is well-suited as a text for senior undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as a device-driven engineering reference for professionals.


"The book is a welcome addition to the field of photonic engineering and is highly recommended as a suitable text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in this area." Nicolaas Bloembergen, University of Arizona; Nobel Laureate, Physics, 1981

“Jia-Ming Liu has been thorough in his treatment of this complex subject…In all parts the treatment of the subject is comprehensive and mathematical, but also quite readable with a myriad of diagrams helping to illustrate the points made. The work is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students looking to specialize in this field, but will be a useful text for any engineer dealing with these devices.”
Philip Bartholemew, IEE Communications Engineer

"This book is excellent."
Professor H. Hamam and Professor M. Guizani

“Liu offers a comprehensive treatment of photonic devices that are suitable for use in optical communications technology.”