Insect Diversity Conservation

Insect Diversity Conservation

Reviewing the background and ethics of insect conservation as well as current threats to insect diversity, this book explains the reasoning behind, and the techniques used, to maintain and protect insect diversity. Insect conservation has recently become a significant component of conservation biology because insects make up such a large proportion of total species numbers and biomass.


"This book is an elegant summary of why insects need to be conserved, what the key threats to insects are and what steps are available for conserving insects."
Gretchen LeBuhn, Ecology

"Th[is] book is very well written, it is well organized, global in its perspective, and appeals at an intuitive ... level. It could very well be used as a university-level textbook for a course in insect conservation biology."

'A notable aspect of this book is its truly global perspective, and the author does well to draw together a huge diversity of examples from ecosystems all over the world … nicely produced and well illustrated … I hope that Samway's enthusiastic text will win many converts to the cause of insect conservation.' Environmental Conservation

'Michael Samways gives a very good overview and uses ample and recent examples to demonstrate the importance of insect diversity conservation. the book will be welcomed by the already 'converted' insect conservation researchers and managers. I sincerely hope that it will also be picked up by teachers and students in the wider biological and environmental sciences in order to give insects the place they deserve in conservation biology.' Journal of Insect Conservation

'Samways is a true expert with a comprehensive, even encyclopaedic, knowledge of the emotional literature,and an impressive publication record in insect conservation. All insect conservation scientists should buy this book,…the wealth of science in such short space is impressive.' Oryx