Radiative Transfer in the Atmosphere and Ocean

Radiative Transfer in the Atmosphere and Ocean

This text provides a foundation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of radiative transfer, for advanced students of atmospheric, oceanic and environmental sciences. The transfer of solar and infrared radiation through optically-thick clouds, aerosol layer, and the oceanic mixed layer is presented through the use of heuristic models of scattering and absorption, and a systematic approach to formulation and solution of the radiative transfer equation. Problems such as the the transmission of ultraviolet radiation through the atmosphere and ocean, remote sensing, solar heating and infrared cooling processes, UV biological dose rates, and Greenhouse warming are solved using a variety of methods. This self-contained, systematic treatment will prepare students from a range of disciplines in problems concerning the effects of solar and infrared radiation on natural systems. The hardback edition received excellent reviews.


"...the book provides a lucid and reasonably complete, practical treatment of the fundamentals of plane-parallel radiative transfer theory in the atmosphere and ocean and the exchange of radiant energy between the atmosphere and ocean. The book is easy to read, and there are many examples to illustrate the concepts discussed...[It] should serve well as an introduction to radiative transfer." EOS

"All in all, this is a valuable resource for those interested in terrestrial radiative transfer. It contains good discussions and physical explanations within the main text, useful summaries, notes, comments, and up-to-date references." Physics Today

'… this book fills a gap between descriptive texts covering the physical processes and the practical numerical approaches needed in research. Designed to convey insight into the transfer process, it can also be used as a self-contained manual for practitioners who require accurate modeling of the effects of solar and infrared radiation of natural systems.' Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

'This book should not be missing on (sic) the desk of any person seriously interested in radiative transfer … I am sure that both instructor and student can profit a great deal from studying this excellent work.' Wilford Zdunkowski, Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics