Maintaining Biodiversity in Forest Ecosystems

Maintaining Biodiversity in Forest Ecosystems

The maintenance of the earth's biological diversity is widely seen as both necessary for ecosystem health and aesthetically desirable. This book focuses on how biodiversity can be maintained in forested ecosystems, particularly in those forests that are subject to timber harvesting. At the core of the book lies the concept that diversity should be conserved in all its forms--from the smallest microbes to the largest trees, and at all levels of organization--from genes to whole ecosystems. Introductory chapters on biodiversity and ecological forestry lead on to sections dealing with management at the macro (landscape) and micro (stand) levels. A concluding section addresses socioeconomic considerations that round out an overall synthesis and framework for the implementation of successful management practices. Thirty-three experts from ten countries contribute to this thorough and comprehensive account, providing a broad-based perspective that will be of interest internationally to researchers and professsionals in conservation, forestry, and ecology.


"This volume presents the first detailed treatment specifically devoted to conserving biodiversity in forest ecosystems...Most of the 19 chapters are well written, authoritative, and contribute well to the main theme of the book. Especially useful to forest managers is that information is presented on a wide range of ecological and socioeconomic topics that might not otherwise appear in the same volume." Choice

"Readers interested in learning about the conceptual effects of forestry on biodiversity will find it provides an excellent introduction. I recommend a close reading of Maintaining Biodiversity in Managed Forest Ecosystems to all ecologists, foresters, and environmental advocates with an abiding interest in this important and controversial subject." Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists

"...the true value of this book is as a portal to current forest conservation philosophy and literature for the beginning graduate student. No book on the market provides such ready access to current thinking regarding aspects of forest ecosystem management." Ecology

"In Maintaining Biodiversity, Malcolm Hunter has gathered a broad range of material into a comprehensive volume about biodiversity in managed forests...For an edited volume, the book is a coherent, consistent package, that never strays too far from this theme of ecological forestry, and the axiom of natural disturbance...In the preface, Hunter states that the book was primarily intended for students of natural-resource management and professional managers. Maintaining Biodiversity in Forest Ecosystems is recommended reading for such an audience, and for anyone else interested in the management of forest resources." The Canadian Field-Naturalist

'… it is encouraging to read a book about the work of so many foresters and ecologists who are trying to work positively for the environment. I hope that this most informative volume about the natural history, biodiversity and scientific studies of the environment will be heeded.' Sir Ghillean Prance, The Times Higher Education Supplement

'… a useful addition to the libraries of teachers and mentors of aspiring conservation professionals everywhere.' Ecology

'… an important contribution … reading this book changed my way of thinking about forestland management, in a very constructive way.' Richard A. Lancia

'Overall, I was impressed with the book - with the freshness of the approach, relative modernity of the information; by the consistency between the chapters; and by the attempt to make the material relevant and stimulating … It deserves wide readership amongst managers, researchers and students.' Institute of Chartered Foresters