Genetics, Paleontology, and Macroevolution

Genetics, Paleontology, and Macroevolution

This expanded and updated second edition offers a comprehensive look at macroevolution and its underpinnings, with a primary emphasis on animal evolution. From a Neodarwinian point of view, the book integrates evolutionary processes at all levels to explain the diversity of animal life. It examines a wide range of topics including genetics, speciation, development, evolution, constructional and functional aspects of form, fossil lineages, and systematics, and --in a major new chapter--takes a hard look at the Cambrian explosion. The author delves into the age of molecular science and integrates important recent contributions made to our understanding of evolution.


"What regulates biological diversity and its historical development? Can it be explained by natural selection alone? Has geological history regulated the tempo of diversification? There are some of the questions the author asks in this very interesting book and provides reasonable answers to a large entent, in this highly complex and difficult field." Tad Murty, Marine Geodesy

"...a comprehensive and insightful volume..." Quaternary Research

"Levinton's comprehensive summary of macroevolutionary topics has adapted to incorporate many of the changes the field has undergone while still retaining the flavor of the first edition of the text.... With an extensive bibliography and far-ranging discussion of topics, this book is a good reference source for anyone concerned with the evolutionary record. Levinton has produced an impressive volume that provides an interesting and insightful perspective on macro-evolution.... It integrates information from genetics, whole-organism biology, paleontology, and stratigraphy.... Genetics, Paleontology, and Macroevolution serves as an excellent starting point for discussion in a graduate seminar course. It is important to consider Levinton's perspective on evolutionary history and processes..." Palaios

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