Mantle Convection in the Earth and Planets

Mantle Convection in the Earth and Planets

Mantle Convection in the Earth and Planets is a comprehensive synthesis of all aspects of mantle convection within the Earth, the terrestrial planets, the Moon, and the Galilean satellites of Jupiter. The authors include up-to-date discussions of the latest research developments that have revolutionized our understanding of the Earth and the planets. The book features a comprehensive index, an extensive reference list, numerous illustrations (many in color) and major questions that focus the discussion and suggest avenues of future research. It is suitable as a text for graduate courses in geophysics and planetary physics, and as a supplementary reference for use at the undergraduate level. It is also an invaluable review for researchers in the broad fields of the Earth and planetary sciences.


"This book is the most ambitious and comprehensive reference to appear on the topic of mantle convection...well organized and concise..." The Leading Edge

"The coverage by Schubert, Turcotte, and Olson is very helpful and important. The authors discuss most of the critical work that has been done on this broad subject. Numerous illustrations depict geophysical and planetary data, conclusions from numerical modeling, and results from laboratory experiments; many of these are taken from the primary literature. Some chapters are rather descriptive and others quite technical. I really appreciated the analyses of the approximations that lead to the equations

for mantle convection. I have not previously encountered such careful treatment in a book...The authors also offer the most complete analysis of convection I have seen...the book will be indispensable to most Earth and planetary scientists and graduate students." Science

' … the best-compiled text that I have seen and may be used as a reference work for researchers in the many fields of Earth and planetary sciences. … this book can be thoroughly recommended to Earth and planetary scientists at any level.' The Open University Geological Society Journal

' … publication of this book makes it much easier to get into the subject and build an overview of it than it has been in the past. All who are working in this field will welcome its appearance.' Journal of Petrology