Food and Society in Classical Antiquity

Food and Society in Classical Antiquity

This is a broad-based, comprehensive general study of food in antiquity. The book deals with food as food or nutrition, the discussion revolving around the concrete issues of food availability and the nutritional status of the population. It also treats the nonfood uses of food, focusing on the role of food in forming and marking the social hierarchy. Food defines the group, whether social, religious, philosophical or political.


"...this reviewer found the book most valuable, especially in its findings on (mal)nutrition. Its engaging and honest style, moderate price in paperback, and brevity make it a sensible choice for undergraduate courses on classical antiquity, and its bold position on the nutritional status of most individuals in antiquity has made an important contribution to a vital scholarly debate." The Historian

'… it is intellectually challenging and the range is great: in short a delight.' Petits Propos Culinaires

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