Realism and International Relations

Realism and International Relations

Realism and International Relations offers students a critical yet sympathetic review of political realism, the theory that for the past half-century has dominated international studies. Examining realist thinkers from Thucydides, through Machiavelli to Kenneth Waltz, Donnelly challenges standard realist claims and argues that realism is an insightful yet one-sided theory. Containing chapter-by-chapter guides to further reading and discussion questions for students, this book offers an accessible and lively survey of the dominant theory in International Relations.


"Donnelly (Univ. of Denver) delivers a compact but encyclopedic treatment of a standard theme in the study of theories of international relations--realism, commonly referred to as power politics..with flair Donnelly provides a meta-analysis of a most important analytic approach to international relations...Absolutely essential for upper-division undergraduates and graduate students." Choice

Reviewed with David P. Forsythe's book Human Rights in International Relations: " The authors' skill and influence in the study of international relations, international theory, and human rights are indisputably relevant. Both volumes offer scholarship that is of great value to activists, academics, and policymakers with an interest in issues no less important than power on the world stage." Human Rights Quarterly


Choice 2001 Outstanding Academic Title

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