Transformations of Mind

Philosophy as Spiritual Practice

Transformations of Mind

This book deals with issues at the intersection of philosophy, theology, religious studies and Buddhist studies; in moral philosophy, philosophy of religion, and aesthetics. It is written by a philosopher but in a quasi-autobiographical style, reflecting the relations between the form of a person's life and the nature of their philosophical reflections. It deals with questions of spirituality, moral feeling, the distinction between theistic and nontheistic religion, the impact of the Death of God controversy, and the nature of Buddhist forms of meditation and their relation to perception and action.


"This is an extraordinary book, quite unlike anything else I have read, except perhaps Robert Pirsig's justly famous and successful Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance." David Bastow, University of Dundee

'This is an original, profound, but extraordinary book.' Theology

'A brave, gripping and illuminating book.' The Times Higher Education Supplement

'McGhee's superb and moving achievement is to record for us what it would be to live a conception of philosophy that places 'how we should live' at its centre. That much of it is autobiographical can be no accident. … I find it difficult to restrain my admiration for this work. Read it, preferably in the company of those who can share with you a sense of the seriousness and the importance of its contents.' Colin Lyas, Philosophical Investigations

'… what we have in this book is the story of a profoundly searching Western mind, steeped in European high culture and philosophy and invigorated by a very new conception of Buddhist praxis. This work, rich, dense, though at times elusive, has a pedigree among the eccentrics of Western thought that runs from Augustine through Montaigne and Kierkegaard to Nietzche. For all its quirks, it makes for a provocative and rewarding ruminative reading.' Journal of Applied Philosophy