The Bible, Theology, and Faith

A Study of Abraham and Jesus

The Bible, Theology, and Faith

R.W.L. Moberly's aim is to "read the Bible for all it is worth," by connecting the minutiae of biblical scholarship with the big questions of God and human life. Classic Christian understandings of what is necessary to speak validly about God are used to set a context for modern linguistic and historical interpretation so as to produce a postmodern understanding of biblical interpretation. Detailed studies of Abraham's sacrifice in Genesis 22, the story of the journey to Emmaus (Luke 24), and the Christology of Matthew's Gospel integrate theory with practice.


"Dr. Moberly's book sets out an attractively argued and timely call for the interpretation of both testments of Scripture as the indispesable point of departure for Christian faith and doctrine. This makes Dr. Moberly's a most welcome addition to the small but growing library of books committed to the renewal of biblical interpretation as the foundational discipline of Christian doctrine...the author shows himself an important contributor to this vital recovery of the Old Testament for Christian faith and theology."

"I discovered an engaging case for reading the Bible theologically, in dialogue with Christian faith." The Catholic Biblical Quarterly

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