Statistical Analysis in Climate Research

Statistical Analysis in Climate Research

The purpose of this book is to help the climatologist understand the basic precepts of the statistician's art and to provide some of the background needed to apply statistical methodology correctly and usefully. The book is self contained: introductory material, standard advanced techniques, and the specialized techniques used specifically by climatologists are all contained within this one source. There are a wealth of real-world examples drawn from the climate literature to demonstrate the need, power and pitfalls of statistical analysis in climate research.


"...a wonderful reference to better understand the state of the art of climatological modeling." Environmental Geology

' … an excellent manual for a broad group of applied statisticians.' World Meteorological Organization

' … an extremely interesting, enlightening and thought provoking read … I can thoroughly recommend this book to all climate researchers for whom statistics play a central role in research. This publication would also serve extremely well as a text for advanced courses in climatology, meteorology, atmospheric science and oceanography.' International Journal of Climatology

'… an excellent addition to the subject literature and I can imagine its being a valuable library resource in support of graduate dissertation work.' Stephen Dorling, Geography and Environmental Science

'… for climatologists dabbling in statistics, I would call this an essential text.' Journal of the American Statistical Association

'This single book provides climatologists - whether they work in modeling or in measuring, whether they are professionals seeking references or students starting to learn - with what they need to know about statistical analysis' Computers and Geosciences

'… a useful starting point for any mathematician who wishes to learn more about climate research.' Dr David B. Stephenson, Mathematics Today

'… a wonderful reference to better understand the state of the art of climatological modeling.' Jörg Matschullat, Environmental Geology

'[readers] will gain new insights … and will certainly get a lot of new ideas.' Meteorologische Zeitschrift

' … certainly excellent value for your money …' Computers & Geosciences