The Construction of Nationhood

Ethnicity, Religion and Nationalism

The Construction of Nationhood

This interdisciplinary book straddles the fields of history, politics, religion and sociology, and medieval and modern history. Its importance lies in its contribution to arguments about the meaning and origin of nationalism, ethnicity and nationhood, and in challenging the widely-accepted "modernist" theories of Eric Hobsbawm, Benedict Anderson and others. Its argument incorporates careful analysis of English, Irish, South Slav and African examples, and suggests finally an important contract between Christianity and Islam.


"Hastings writes with great clarity and a welcome freedom from current linguistic fashions in historical scholarship....He has added substantially to the growing body of evidence that the vernacular implantation of Christianity has generally been subversive, rather than supportive, of claims to imperial hegemony." Church History

' I heartily recommend this stimulating and provocative book to all those interested in the history of the nation' The Historical Journal

' … some thought-provoking material … this study … offers food for thought in its insistence on nationalism's much earlier origins'. Labour History Review

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