Animal Communication Networks

Animal Communication Networks

Summarizing research progress and prospects in the rapidly expanding area of animal communication networks, this book differs from other works on animal communication because it covers several animal groups and types of signal. It also highlights research at the interface with other disciplines (for example, psychology and physiology) and is intended for researchers in the field, advanced students and high-level undergraduates.


"This book is designed to be intelligible to a wide academic audience looking for an authoritative introduction to the field of animal communication networks.... I have used it in a graduate course and have found that most chapters provide an excellent foundation for discussions in class."
Gayathri Sreedharan, Ecoscience

"I found this book exciting, thought-provoking, and an important contribution. Every chapter was strong.... I urge all communication researchers to read this book. It is clear and accessible, allowing readers to see how this perspective might or might not apply to behaviors both seemingly already understood and currently mysterious."
Penny L. Bernstein, BioScience

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