Consent to Sexual Relations

When does a woman give valid consent to sexual relations? When does her consent render it morally or legally permissible for a man to have sexual relations with her? These are two of the questions discussed in this important book, which will appeal to a wide readership in philosophy, law, and the social sciences. Alan Wertheimer considers a wide variety of situations involving coercion, fraud, retardation, and intoxication.


"...Consent to Sexual Relations, is a welcome sequel. It again displays Wertheimers willingness to tackle extraordinarily difficult issues with unremitting honesty and subtlety of thought...a book well worth reading." Modern Law Review

"Alan Wertheimer's in-depth analysis of the concept, value, and application of consent in this important arena has set a new standard for clarity and for the integration of empirical research (chiefly, from evolutionary psychology) with the theoretical." Gordon A. Babst, Chapman University, Political Science Quarterly

"This is a wonderful book. It explores factual, conceptual, and normative (moral and legal) positions on the character, role and significance of consent in relation to sexual behaviour. It does this with imagination, insight, thoughtfulness, and maturity, as well as with a very high level of philosophical sophistication and understanding. Proposals are constantly tested by a wealth of real life examples so as to keep the discussion honest. A valuable inclusion is the listing in an appendix of the huge battery of examples (over 120) that are discussed, each being given a one to two sentence summary -- these can be handily referred to by the reader throughout. The book as a whole is a compendium of penetrating and intelligent reflections on the issues it addresses...Anyone interested in the topic of consent in relation to sexual activities will find this book richly rewarding." Philosophy in Review