An Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis

An Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis

The techniques used to solve nonlinear problems differ greatly from those dealing with linear features. Deriving all the necessary theorems and principles from first principles, this textbook gives upper undergraduates and graduate students a thorough understanding using as little background material as possible.


“This is an attractive introductory text to non-linear analysis for well-prepared and diligent students.”
UK Nonlinear News

"The possible uses of this book are numerous: a text for a graduate or upper-level undergraduate course, a self-study book, a reference book to be used when needed. The purpose of the book is to teach the methods that can be used in solving nonlinear problems, using as little background material as possible and only the simplest linear techniques...this is a book about difficult problems, with most of the background included in its appendices. It is presented in a very readable and accessible way, which makes it a perfect candidate for a textbook and a very good addition to any analyst's library."
MAA Reviews

"In general, I find the style pleasant and highly readable. There are good sets of exercises...This would make quite a nice book for a course."
E. Norman Dancer, University of Sydney, SIAM Review