The Background of Ecology

Concept and Theory

The Background of Ecology

The Background of Ecology is a critical and up-to-date review of the origins and development of ecology, with emphasis on the major concepts and theories shared in the ecological traditions of plant and animal ecology, limnology, and oceanography. The work traces developments in each of these somewhat isolated areas and identifies, where possible, parallels or convergences among them. Dr McIntosh describes how ecology emerged as a science in the context of nineteenth-century natural histor


" important contribution to the science...blessed with elegant and lucid prose...Practitioners always benefit from acquaintance with the history of their science...McIntosh's book is the ideal source." Roger Lewin, Science Books & Films real ecology from every fad and fancy that claims to be environmentally based while simultaneously urging ecologists to accept responsibility for providing guidance on managment of the environment from both theoretical and empirical bases. Roger Lewin, Science Books and Films

"This is a book of the history of ecology, written by an ecologist who loves history, or perhaps a historian who has an unusual understanding of ecology and its roots. I am convinced of the depth of his vision...If you have been wondering what has been going on in the broad field of ecology while you have been busy with more mundane problems, I can recommend this book to you." Botanical Society of America

" important analysis of developing ecological thought and its applications to human problems...Clearly, this excellent volume belongs in the "active section" of the personal library of all working ecologists." Ecology

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