Dynamics in Atmospheric Physics

Lecture Notes for an Introductory Graduate-Level Course

Dynamics in Atmospheric Physics

Motion is manifest in the atmosphere in an almost infinite variety of ways. In Dynamics in Atmospheric Physics, Dr. Richard Lindzen describes the nature of motion in the atmosphere, develops fluid dynamics relevant to the atmosphere, and explores the role of motion in determining the climate and atmospheric composition. The author presents the material in a lecture note style, and the emphasis throughout is on describing phenomena that are at the frontiers of current research, but due attention is given to the methodology of research and to the historical background of these topics. The author's treatment and choice of topics is didactic. Problems at the end of each chapter will help students assimilate the material. In general the discussions emphasize physical concepts, and throughout Dr. Lindzen makes a concerted effort to avoid the notion that dynamic meteorology is simply the derivation of equations and their subsequent solution. His desire is that interested students will delve further into solution details. The book is intended as a text for first year graduate students in the atmospheric sciences. Although the material in the book is self contained, a familiarity with differential equations is assumed; some background in fluid mechanics is helpful.


"...is, beyond any doubt, an interesting and useful book and is recommended for all university libraries. It brings the reader to the forefront of the atmospheric sciences, highlighting the challenges of many not yet completely solved problems....a good book for those who start research in the field of atmospheric dynamics." Konrad Bajer, PAGEOPH

"...strongly recommend it as a source of new ideas for teachers and as a review of atmospheric dynamics for someone who has already been introduced to the subject." Andrew P. Ingersoll, Icarus