An Approach to Political Philosophy

Locke in Contexts

An Approach to Political Philosophy

An Approach to Political Philosophy: Locke in Contexts brings together Professor Tully's most important and innovative statements on Locke in a systematic treatment of the latter's thought that is at once contextual and critical. Each essay has been rewritten and expanded for this volume, and each seeks to understand a theme of Locke's political philosophy by interpreting it in light of the complex contexts of early modern European political thought and practice. These historical studies are then used in a variety of ways to gain critical perspectives on the assumptions underlying current debates in political philosophy and the history of political thought. The themes treated include government, toleration, discipline, property, aboriginal rights, individualism, power, labor, self-ownership, community, progress, liberty, participation, and revolution.


" excellent introduction to John Locke's political philosophy....If the marks of excellence in a scholarly work are erudition, stylistic clarity, and a proclivity toward careful argumentation, then Tully's An Approach to Political Philosophy should be deemed an excellent work." Dialogue

"The merits of this book are considerable... Anybody with any interest in the intellectual history of the seventeenth century should read [it]..." Journal of Modern History

"...a challenging, thorough, erudite and insightful contribution, one of the additions which continue to enhance the series' excellence." Peter A. Schouls, Canadian Philosophical Review


Winner of the 2006 Balzan Prize for Political thought: history and theory of the The International Balzan Foundation

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