Electrodynamics of Solids

Optical Properties of Electrons in Matter

Electrodynamics of Solids

In this book the authors thoroughly discuss the optical properties of solids, with a focus on electron states and their response to electrodynamic fields. Their review of the propagation of electromagnetic fields and their interaction with condensed matter is followed by a discussion of the optical properties of metals, semiconductors, and superconductors. Theoretical concepts, measurement techniques and experimental results are covered in three interrelated sections. The volume is intended for use by graduate students and researchers in the fields of condensed matter physics, materials science, and optical engineering.


"Graduate students and professional scientists will find the fundamental physics point of view and uniform style attractive and very useful for unifying a large amount of information on the physical properities of solids." Choice

"This book offers a thorough discussion..." Materials Evaluation

"Dressel and Gruener present the most useful sum rules in a form suitable for reference." American Journal of Physics

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