An Introduction to Nietzsche as Political Thinker

The Perfect Nihilist

An Introduction to Nietzsche as Political Thinker

This is a lively and engaging introduction to the contentious topic of Nietzsche's politics, tracing the development of his thinking and confronting directly his appropriation by the Nazis. The key ideas of the will to power, eternal return and the overman are discussed and all Nietzsche's major works analyzed in detail. This textbook will be essential for all students of Nietzsche and of the history of political ideas. It includes a chronology of Nietzsche's life and works, and a guide to further reading.


"This book provides a sound introduction to Nietzsche's political thought....Strongly recommended for undergraduates at all levels." Choice

"It is one of the singular merits of Ansell-Pearson's book that he not only explains cogently the ways in which Nietzsche is an important political thinker but also clarifies the stages of his development. Furthermore, the author furnishes a number of insightful criticisms of both Nietzsche and Nietzsche interpreters....Ansell-Pearson's book is a meritorious work that should be read and reflected upon, for it helps us to understand Nietzsche, as Nietzsche, Ansell-Pearson rightly remarks, helps us to understand the age in which we live." John Riser, European Studies Journal

"...highly accessible and engaging study of Nietsche's political philosophy..." International Studies in Philosophy

"An excellent introduction to Nietzche's thought, and a book to be welcomed as well by scholars in political theory, philosophy, and any field concerned about emancipatory politics." Religious Studies Review

" the breadth of its sweep..." New Nietzsche Studies

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