Christian Ethics and Contemporary Moral Problems

Christian Ethics and Contemporary Moral Problems

This book by Michael Banner explores and attempts to understand the significance of Christian belief for a range of contemporary and controversial ethical issues including euthanasia, the environment, biotechnology, abortion, the family, sexual ethics, and the distribution of scarce resources for health care. Its importance lies in its attempt to show the crucial difference that Christian belief makes to an understanding of these issues, while at the same time demonstrating some of the weaknesses and confusions of certain popular approaches to them.


"...this book would serve well as supplementary reading in a practical Christian ethics course..." Journal of Religion

"Michael Banner is an event waiting to happen. He is clearly one of the brightest and most interesting young people doing ethics on the scene today. He is a first-rate theologian who promises to be a new and long-standing voice not only in England but in America. This is a good book and one I believe will be widely read." Stanley Hauerwas, Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics, Duke University

'His book oozes with confidence and assuredness.' The Times Literary Supplement

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