Biology and Christian Ethics

Biology and Christian Ethics

This stimulating and wide-ranging book mounts a profound enquiry into some of the most pressing questions of our age, by examining the relationship between biological science and Christianity. The history of biological discovery is explored from the point of view of a leading philosopher and ethicist. What effect should modern biological theory and practice have on Christian understanding of ethics? How much of that theory and practice should Christians endorse? To what extent can "nature" set our standards? Professor Clark takes a reasoned look at biological theory since Darwin and argues that an orthodox Christian philosophy is better able to accommodate the truth of such theory than is the sort of progressive, meliorist interpretation of Christian doctrine that is usually offered as the properly "modern" option.


'I much enjoyed reading this book, and appreciate its discursive, at times almost meditative, sweep - with the occasional ironical turn that acts as a barb on the reader's conscience.' Simon Conway-Morris, University of Cambridge

'Highly impressive … beautifully written.' The Times Literary Supplement

'On almost every page of this thoughtful book there are distinctive, challenging and creative insights.' Theological Book Review

'Clark's book offers a unique and original contribution to the literature. While one may not agree in every respect with the final position that he elaborates, his witty, engaging and thought-provoking account is well worth taking seriously.' Theology and Science