England's Troubles

Seventeenth-Century English Political Instability in European Context

England's Troubles

Seventeenth-century English history is known best for "the English Civil War" and "the English Revolution." This highly original and wide-ranging study analyzes and explains both of these major historical events, and others, by setting them in their wider contexts in relation to political instability across the century; in relation to the history of religions and political ideas; and in relation to contemporary European events.


"Breathtaking in its scope, magisterial in its thesis...The work is magnificent and will spark widespread discussion for a very long time." Richard L. Greaves, Florida State University

"Shot through with brilliance and an extraordinarily powerful historical intelligence...I have been excited, challenged and awed by much that I have read." John Morrill, University of Cambridge

"We have had no interpretative synthesis as original or as comprehensive since Hill's Century of Revolution...The elegance and sweep of Scott's approach really deserves to make the book a focus of discussion for all early modernists." Glenn Burgess, University of Hull

"A work of unsurpassed imagination, unrelenting originality and unabashed boldness...It is brimming with originality and stuffed with insights that make it the most stimulating book on seventeenth-century history to have appeared in years, if not decades." Times Literary Supplement

"...this volume willprove a seminal study in reconceiving Stuart political history." American Historical Review

'This is a work of enormous intellectual ambition … The work certainly crackles with illuminating ideas and insights in detail … Jonathan Scott has produced a stimulating work, often brilliant in detail and argued powerfully.' Journal of Ecclesiastical History

' … a complex, striking reading of seventeenth-century English political development which evokes vigorous disagreement and admiration in equal measure.' Parliamentary History

' … a provocative and very valuable book, which tackles a large subject and sets the complicated history of Britain and Europe in the seventeenth century in a fresh and clear framework. … England's Troubles should stimulate readers to reexamine the challenges presented to them by events in their own times and by the institutions that the past has bequeathed to them.' Royal Stuart Review

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