Christian Justice and Public Policy

Christian Justice and Public Policy

This book contributes to contemporary debates about justice from the perspective of Christian social ethics. Professor Forrester examines some secular theories from a theological viewpoint, and surveys the policies and practices these theories are supposed to support and justify. He argues that Christian theology, although it can no longer claim to provide a comprehensive theory of justice, can provide insights into justice that challenge some aspects of the conventional wisdom, and contribute to the building of just communities.


"Forrester's valuable book is about the practice of justice, both in its theoretical elaboration and application in public policy. ...Forrester's work is an excellent resource for both seminary and graduate-level religious studies courses in terms of the breadth of sources discussed as well as for critical reflection on justice and the role of religion in the public square." Religious Studies Review

'… a magesterial study which will surely become a standard work … Forrester has made me see … the real contribution that can be made by feminist critiques'. Church Times

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