Analysis of Gravitational-Wave Data

Analysis of Gravitational-Wave Data

Research in this field has grown considerably in recent years due to the commissioning of a world-wide network of large-scale detectors. This network collects a very large amount of data that is currently being analyzed and interpreted. This book introduces researchers entering the field, and researchers currently analyzing the data, to the field of gravitational-wave data analysis. An ideal starting point for studying the issues related to current gravitational-wave research, the book contains detailed derivations of the basic formula related to the detectors’ responses and maximum-likelihood detection. These derivations are much more complete and more pedagogical than those found in current research papers, and will enable readers to apply general statistical concepts to the analysis of gravitational-wave signals. It also discusses new ideas on devising the efficient algorithms needed to perform data analysis.


"...a unique contribution to the field of gravitational-wave data analysis ... That it comes from the developers of the F static--quickly-computable power measure that sits at the heart of several current gravitational-wave search algorithms--adds greatly to the authority of this useful book." - Graham Woan, The Observatory

"This is a good overview of the foundations of gravitational wave data analysis. It makes a very pleasant reading for the expert and it is a good place to begin for a student who is not familiar with statistics." General Relativity and Gravitation

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