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Optical Effects of Ion Implantation

Optical Effects of Ion Implantation

This book is the first to give a detailed description of the factors and processes that govern the optical properties of ion implanted materials, as well as an overview of the variety of devices that can be produced in this way. Beginning with an overview of the basic physics and practical methods involved in ion implantation, the topics of optical absorption and luminescence are then discussed. A chapter on waveguide analysis then provides the background for a description of particular optical devices, such as waveguide lasers, mirrors, and novel nonlinear materials. The book concludes with a survey of the exciting range of potential applications.


"The book is extremely comprehensive and well written....The blend of physics, quantum electronics, lasers and engineering is superb! This book would serve well as a reference, or for upper undergraduate or graduate level studies." Wayne Reitz, Materials and Manufacturing Processes

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