Political Terrorism

Theory, Tactics and Counter-Measures

Political Terrorism

This extensively revised edition of Grant Wardlaw's best-selling text provides the most lucid, informative, and dispassionate account currently available of a vital modern phenomenon. While the new material emphasizes the international policy aspects of the terrorist problem, Dr. Wardlaw's arguments remain firmly rooted in the theory and practice of contemporary terrorism.


"This is an outstanding book, a worthy successor to Paul Wilkinson's Terrorism and the Liberal State, containing a concise, comprehensive, sensible and liberal analysis of its subject." Times Literary Supplement

"...a splendid text that will be of equal value to those in the station-house or in the seminar room. Through fine writing and insightful observations, he has surveyed the major areas in the study of terrorism...an outstanding book..." American Political Science Review

"...a comprehensive study of the definition, history, theory, and effects of terrorism. Detailed and well-documented, this work delves into the essential background necessary to the development by democratic states of policies to combat terrorism. The author also presents and analyzes various anti-terrorist policies that have been adopted by international and regional bodies and by national governments." Pierre Papazian, Armenian Review

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