Water and Power

The Politics of a Scarce Resource in the Jordan River Basin

Water and Power

Why do states in arid regions fail to cooperate in sharing water resources and how can they be encouraged to do so? In a provocative and well-researched analysis of the history and current status of the dispute over the waters of the Jordan River basin and its relationship to the Arab-Israeli conflict, Dr. Miriam Lowi explores the answers to these questions. This book will be of value to all those with an interest in the region, and to those concerned with the environmental issues of the politics of water scarcity.


"...the author has provided a useful addition to reference works on the very vital topic of water-rights disputes in the Middle East." Middle East Policy

"Lowi's book is such an important contribution, since it encapsulates the main issues and historical developments between its covers and stresses the real diplomatic difficulties inherent in such complex situations." The Journal of Conflict Studies

"Water and Power is a useful addition to the growing literature on the gravity of environmental problems in the Middle East, and the centrality of the water issue to the reconciliation of political disputes. ...this book is a powerful argument for unrelenting attention toward acheiving political resolutions to disputes." International Journal of Middle East Studies

"...this book does a commendable job of reviewing the history of the conflict and documenting the difficulties of using water negotiations to induce broader political arguments and reconciliation." Peter L. Doan, Digest of Middle East Studies

"Although there have been a number of studies of the Jordan River dispute, none interweaves analysis of the terms of that dispute with the larger Arab-Israeli conflict as successfully as this one." F. Tachau, Social & Behavioral Sciences

"Solidly researched, lucidly written, and likely to have a long shelf-life, it is a leading contribution to the study of the politics of water conflict in the Jordan River and other basins..." Sharif S. Elmusa, MESA Bulletin