Security Communities

Security Communities

This book argues that community can exist at the international level, and that states dwelling within an international community have the capacity to develop a pacific disposition. The contributors provide an exhaustive regional and historical survey of places where states have come to expect peace, where they are working to foster such expectations, and where peace is hoped for rather than expected. This volume is an important contribution to international relations theory and security studies, providing a new vision of the possibilities for peaceful relations among states.


"Adler and Barnett have edited the most interesting volume in international relations theory in recent memory. They and their co-authors have made a compelling argument for the role of community in shaping security policy, using a variety of empirical cases to back their theoretical claims. The result is a volume that truly honors the legacy of Karl Deutsch." Ethan B. Kapstein, Humphrey Institute

"A major and long overdue contribution to the study of security communities. Adler and Barnett offer a theoretical interpretation that significantly advances understanding of how security communities evolve and how they affect international politics. They also amass a rich selection of historical cases. A must-read for scholars and practitioners interested in the sources of stable peace." Charles A. Kupchan, Georgetown University and Council on Foreign Relations

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