The Call to Personhood

A Christian Theory of the Individual in Social Relationships

The Call to Personhood

"What is a person?" Although the answer is given in largely theoretical terms, the primary concern of this book is to identify the personal, social and political practices required to live as a human in community with others. Christian trinitarian theology is accordingly interwoven with contemporary social thought to provide an account of individuality and of the various dimensions of personal existence (the psychological, the interpersonal, the material, the institutional, the political, the spiritual) in terms of communication. The basic theme of this book is that we become the people we are as our identities are shaped through the patterns of relation, communication and exchange that surround and incorporate us.


"The value of this book lies in its detailed exploration of the implications for theology of an important current in contemporary thought.... His book deserves to be widely read and incorporated into current debates on theological anthropology, the doctrine of the Triune God, and the implications of contemporary philosophy and the social sciences for theology." Theological Studies June 92

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