The Animals Issue

Moral Theory in Practice

The Animals Issue

Do animals have moral rights? In contrast to the philosophical gurus of the animal rights movement, whose opinion has held moral sway in recent years, Peter Carruthers here claims that they do not. He explores a variety of moral theories, arguing that animals lack direct moral significance. This provocative but judiciously argued book will appeal to all those interested in animal rights, whatever their initial standpoint. It will also serve as a lively introduction to ethics, demonstrating why theoretical issues in ethics actually matter.


"A highly intelligent and philosophically probing discussion of our obligations to other animal species." Stephen L. Darwall, University of Michigan

"Those interested in the issue of animal rights should read this book. Carruthers lays out the philosophical issues involved in the use of animals in medical research with clarity and sincerity. Anyone who cares about the trade off between acquiring human knowledge to help cure disease and the use of animals for those purposes will enjoy new perspectives on the issue as the result of Carruthers' fascinating arguments." Michael S. Gazzaniga, Dartmouth Medical School

"...I would urge moral philosophers, especially those that are friends of the animals, to read this book. It has many strengths and a number of interesting discussions I have not been able to mention. The case against the animals is not likely ever to be more cogently made out." Harlan B. Miller, Philosophical Books