The End of Empire and the Making of Malaya

The End of Empire and the Making of Malaya

This is the first general social and political history of Malaya. Focusing on the years 1945 to 1957, the last years of British rule and the achievement of independence, it embraces a wealth of social, economic and cultural, as well as political themes. It contains new research on the impact of the Second World War in Malaya, the origins and course of the Communist Emergency, and the response of Malaya's various ethnic communities to nationalism and social change. A concluding chapter takes these themes forward into the 1990s to shed new light on the emergence of this important Southeast Asian nation.


"...a comprehensive study, which opens new perspectives on how far pressures and initiatives in a divided society can generate change or conflict." TLS

"That Dr. Harper's is the most comprehensive and thought-provoking study to date of the subject announced in its title, a fit successor to Bill Roff's pioneering 1967 volume, few will doubt." Journal of Asian History

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