More Process Patterns

Delivering Large-Scale Systems Using Object Technology

With his new book, More Process Patterns, Scott Ambler picks up where Process Patterns left off. Here, the author presents process patterns for the second half of the development lifecycle. He covers the Deliver phase and the Maintain and Support phases of large-scale, object-oriented system development. Each presented pattern is based on proven, real-world techniques and is geared toward medium to large-size organizations that need to develop software internally to support their main line of business. The book covers major management issues, such as people and risk management, and quality assurance. The final chapter presents strategies for using process patterns to introduce and/or mature one's software process. Developers and project managers who have just taken their first OO development course will find this book essential. Ambler takes the true needs of software development and delivery into consideration, covering cross-project, maintenance, operations, and support issues. This book uses the Unified Modeling Language (UML).


'In summary, this book is clear, well structured and based on a wealth of experience … Developerd should appreciate the insight into the OOSP and their contribution to it and how much else is also involved. Project managers and managers will also have much to learn from this book - in short, it belongs on your bookshelf.' Journal of the Association of C & C++ Users