The Strategic Defense Initiative

The Strategic Defense Initiative

This history of the Strategic Defense Initiative shows how political, economic, strategic and cultural factors have interacted to shape SDI. It examines new research into the SDI interest groups, the distribution of contracts, and the politics of influence, and explores SDI in terms of alliance management, popular culture and military spin-offs. Throughout, the author tests the theoretical literature on the dynamics of the arms race against the reality of "Star Wars," and draws important conclusions about the motive causes of SDI and its prospects for the 1990s.


"This excellent study by a British political scientist is, unlike many tracts on the subject, neither a plea for nor against. Rather, it is a balanced analysis of the long and convoluted debate over the past ten years....He does a superb job in identifying the various constituencies and interests in the recurring and high-stakes clashes over money, science and global strategy." Andrew J. Pierre, Foreign Affairs

'This is the best book I have read this year … invaluable … irresistible.' Defence Analysis

'This is the best book I have read this year; a clear, cogent and coherent account of the evolution of the SDI, chronologically and thematically arranged to cover all its aspects … invaluable … irresistible.' Defence Analysis